Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The nature of Faith

I was driving home from work on Saturday morning, when getting about 25miles from home, my petrol light came on, telling me I was getting very low on petrol, I was just coming up to a petrol station, but I thought, thats alright, there is one I use usually about 7 miles further on, I'll stop at that one, it was closed. It was opening in about half an hour, but I had been on nights and wanted to get home, the needle was on empty, but I thought, it can make it.

I drove for the next 18miles, with my eyes going between the needle and the odometer and praying that I was going to make it and wouldn't have to phone Tanya to come and get me with a petrol can. It was a bit of a silly thing to do for the sake of half hour, but I made it, fortunately probably down to the fact the lights on vehicles come on to give you plenty of time to get fuel into them.

It got me thinking about faith though, about taking a step and not really knowing if you are going to make it, but taking the step anyway and hoping and praying and hardly daring to believe that it is going to be ok and God is with you and is going to come through for you and all the while we look about at the signs of the world, like the odometer and needle, we look at our wallets, or our cupboards, or whatever it is and try to guess if we are going to make it, yet still pushing on. It is scary and difficult to be optimstic when the needle says empty and yet we continue to make it and God continues to provide and we will be refuelled.

Thursday, 6 May 2010


I am a big fan of Alice Cooper and the Alice Cooper Band, the track Elected was one of the first to have a promotional video, I have a great live version and I am told that Alice Cooper is a Christian.
When I say this to people they usually say 'really?' 'But is he really?' It always amazes me when people say this, Bono; 'But is he really?' Kaka; 'But is he really?' John Heasley 'But is he really?' Wonderful bit of judgement going on, people that inspire and are out there in the glare of the world and the first thing we do is question whether they have a genuine faith!!!!

I digress and have now finished my little rant, it is election day, I am hoping for change, real change, I think we need it, I really want to see a big kick up the back side of the big 2, bring on a hung parliament and voting reform.

My brother Evan is standing locally for UKIP, I am hoping he does well, I have voted for him, I am not that sure about his party, but I trust him.

I also get very boring on nights like this, I am so glad I am at work all night, that means I get to go over all the results and analysis and figures and swingometers like a child in a toy shop, live. I am a bore, an excited bore, is that an oxymoron? Or just a moron.

Vote with your heart.