Monday, 21 November 2011


This is me being very modern and attempting to blog from my phone. So this will be a very short blog as it is just a tester, but I still have something to share which has been on my mind now for a while.
There should be a difference between the living and the dead.

There is obviously a natural difference between a live physical body and a dead physical body. Should there not be a difference between a dead spiritual person and a living spiritual person?
Sometimes it is very plain to see when someone is saved the huge difference Christ has made in their lives and there are people I know who really shine differently from those around them because they are really alive in Christ, yet there seems to me, too many of us who there is no difference between us and the bloke down the road who has no idea who Jesus even is, in habits or deeds or way of life.
Surely there should be a difference.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Right Eyes

I am doing a degree course at the moment, which I am thoroughly enjoying and learning a lot from, there are a wide range of topics within this first course I am doing, ranging from Cleopatra to Michael Faraday to Cezanne. Out of all of these so far, the one I have enjoyed the most has been Cezanne and probably the biggest reason for my enjoyment is that my whole view of modern art has been changed as I have studied. As I was writing an essay on this artist I suddenly found myself defending him and understanding what he was doing, it was a wonderful epiphanal moment. The German poet Rilke, has a similar experience, he said he suddenly started seeing the paintings through 'the right eyes.'

The veil needs to fall away, because there is a veil in all our thinking, putting limits on God, putting God in a box, just not even getting who God is.

I find myself hearing more and more truth, I have to be discerning and I don't jump on everything I hear and run with it, but when I hear something which is truth and I meditate on it and think about what that means in my life then I start to see something new with the 'right eyes.'

I cannot force anyone to believe anything, I can only share truth and hope that something clicks, as it did and continues to do for me.


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Driving Again

Driving is something I do a lot of, it is also something I have blogged about on many occasions. The thing is, the way people act in their cars, it can be such a magnified reflection of people in real life.
The other night, on my way home from work, there is a place where there is a short piece of dual carriageway which then goes to down to one lane, it is a chance to get past any slow moving traffic, because after that, for the next 15miles, it is single lane traffic. Anyway, on this night, I overtook a lorry and then had a car overtake me, a bit ahead, I could see another lorry and wondered if I would get to overtake it or not and in my rearview mirror I could see another car in the overtaking lane that was going to overtake me.
As I got closer to the lorry, I kept my eye on the vehicle behind, which was still sitting where it was before, just behind me, in the overtaking lane, not overtaking and making me think, whether I would be able to or not, then as we got to the point of the road becoming one lane, I thought, well I won't bother overtaking, I can sit behind the lorry, it is ok. At this point the car behind notices that the road is becoming one lane and tries to overtake me and the lorry and fails miserably, and has to pull right in front of me. I flashed the driver in front, I was a bit peeved, this was dangerous, but the fella, put his hand up to apologise and I was happy to let it go. The driver was not finished though, he decided to overtake the lorry anyway, on a blind dip and nearly causes another accident, I don't know why he did it, maybe he thought I was an angry driver behind him. Lastly, 12 or so miles further down the road, the lorry is gone and I have clear road ahead when I come across this dawdling vehicle trundling along delaying me getting home and who is it? But my friend the dangerous overtaker.

My lesson, how many times do we do something stupid, dangerous or just plain wrong and follow that up by trying to escape the shame or truth and do something more stupid, more dangerous or more wrong and yet in the end, it all catches up with us.