Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Just Do It

I have a spare few minutes, so I thought I would blog. We have been having problems with our broadband, hopefully all sorted now, I have to say that telecommunications companys, are very annoying and seem to be a law unto their own, hopefully all sorted now.

Sailing was fun, I didn't really sail very much, due to the weather, but the experience was brilliant and I had a good time.
There does still seem to be a lot going on at the moment, that is ok, we have a family which is young and quite big and we do need to be more organised, but also, it is quite obvious that we are going to be a bit hectic and busy because we have a big young family. In other words, just trying to be content in where I am.

God continues to speak, I hope I continue to listen.

Dealing with the past, sitting in the present, excited about the future.