Wednesday, 9 June 2010


I am not going to apologise for my lack of blogging, there were other priorities and especially as I am feeling very anti legalism, I am not that bothered. I am sitting today, looking after my 2 girls, with a ladies group going on in the living room and me the girls in the conservatory, with Monsters Inc on in the backround and trying to stop Vitoria from eating everything she touches.

I finally feel, over my last period of time off, that some freedom and relaxation is finally returning to the heasley household. Having an extra teenager and all the change that involves of just having someone new in the house, having a teething baby, being tired and many other, quite positive things, have calmed down, or we have got use to them. The children are all well.

I spoke the other week and thoroughly enjoyed it and I have also absolutely loved street pastoring in a really fresh way. Work is good, it can be tiring, but it is good.

One of the biggest things for Tanya and I, is to spend time together and to spend time together, with God, something we are really pushing forward in, something that helps us all.

We really want to be used by God and desperately want to know where He wants us to step next, we won't find that out, unless we know more of Him and His heart.

Update over.