Wednesday, 24 March 2010


After speaking on Sunday, someone approached me and said they had a word for me. They said, in a more descriptive way than I am going to put it, they believed God was saying to me, to put my energies into 2 distinct ministries and run with them, not getting tempted into getting involved with other things.

I see this as a very sensible word and one wich I have been challenged and thinking about since, in a positive way. I am aware that I have a large family and a job, I am also aware that I have my fingers in this and that, concentrating on 2 things is a good idea.

The first thing I thought of when the person started praying for me on Sunday was Street Pastors. When the person had finished praying, they said the same thing. I really feel that I am meant to bring street pastors to Diss and believe it is God's plan.

But what else, what goes and what stays. Funnily enough, I do feel, right now, that speaking is not the thing I should be concentrating on. It is something I have dreamed of doing, enjoy doing and feel I do relatively well at, yet I want to be able to bring more to the table when I do speak and this means getting my hands dirty first, in other words concentrating on things more practical now and being able to share more vocally later. I continue to think and pray and ask the questions about all I am involved in.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Tanya and I gave a short interview last week to the local newspaper about the coming of street pastors to Diss, it was a very enjoyable experience, yet I was left wondering if I had said the right things and if was going to be misquoted, there are always stories of people's words being twisted around to say something completely different.

The article in the Diss Express was very good and balanced and obviously even though we had talked for quite a while with the reporter, there was only some choice quotes used. I am just pleased that it is out there, for others to respond to and for our town to know we are coming. The local police have now been in contact with me, things are moving forward.

On the back page of the other local newpaper, the Diss Mercury, was a great picture and article about the football team of which my son is captain, winning the league and a great match report, a very proud moment. Also very good for the family to be taking up the columns in the local news.

The Heasleys are taking over.

Monday, 22 March 2010

The Reality Is

I spoke yesterday, good topics, I had an idea where I was going and then I got a bit lost, I said 'the reality is' so many times that when I was listening back to it later, I started to cringe when I heard myself say it. I also said that I would elaborate on things and didn't, I did not elaborate on the scripture I had either. I listend back to it, as I said, it was ok, yet I do like to critique myself, and I have to say, could have done better. A highlighter pen and just some points where I know I should stop will help. At the end of the day, I delivered the mesage, just hoped to have done it better.

I am not so manic this week and have a bit of time, even though, Tanya has gone to the boiler room for a few days, which is great, I will just be a bit manic with 5 kids, although that is what Tanya has to deal with all the time, I will be fine. Tanya's sister is moved in, I have had my works dinner and dance, which was good, also we have had Mason's football presentation evening, which was good, Mason won the award for most skillful player, which was great, his team won the league and he was captain, all fantastic. Morgan has been going to rugby with Diss town, but he needs more to do, we will see. There is a time of calm right now.

In general we are all well and I find I have some things to say, so be ready for some blogging.

Monday, 15 March 2010


I have let this go, I was on a run and then I just find I have so many other things to do, so my blogging has suffered, which to be perfectly honest is not too big a deal, but now they have installed the internet in the office I am currently in and I can't move, I have time to sit here and splurge it all out.

To be perfectly honest most of my busy situation is not due to me taking on more, things have just come at a time when my shift pattern is currently stuck over weekend times and a lot of the things I do are at those times, and it is also down to the fact that I have 4 kids, the oldest of which is now at home again being home educated and a baby and toddler are hard work, Tanya is doing great, but it leaves a lot to be done on days off.

The YC is doing better, street pastors???, I am speaking on Sunday, which plays on my mind and now Tanya's sister is coming to live with us, which is good, yet it does mean a lot of running around and rearranging at home which has just meant that the last couple of weeks have been manic. It is good to be busy and purposeful and I actually feel great, I just don't want to drop anything right now, which means that blogging may suffer. We will see.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Street Pastors for Diss

I had a great meeting on Tuesday with some of the people from the street pastors organisation and my church leader. Street pastors, God willing is coming to Diss, there are of course things to do, I have the job of contacting the local police to get their support, another leader will be contacting the local council and the church leader, Graham, will be contacting other church leaders to get them on board.

There will of course be people who need training, materials and a base to sort out, but all minor things really, which will hopefully mean that in the next few months, street pastors will be out on the streets on a Friday night in Diss, bringing some peace and the presence of God into situations and places and showing His church is in the real places, alive and well and visible, not judging, but helping, ready to share who we are and what we stand for, without shoving things down peoples throats.

Time to pray it in.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Street Pastors in Diss

I have signed a new contract at work and am relaxing about my current situation and of course, plans for the future are in the making, haha. I have been doing some practical stuff at home and am quite pleased with the results of my work in our garage and I am now planning and starting to work on my vegetable growing, which of course means I have been a bit lax on my blogging, I will try to keep up.

Today I and others are having a meeting with the street pastors people, about bringing street pastors to Diss. This is something I have pushed for and which has been picked up by our church and things are slowly coming together. Well today is the next step along that road and I am really excited and pleased to be involved.

Time to pray. Need more people to be involved, need things to go smoothly, need to be organised, help!