Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Time is going so quickly, I am an horrendous blogger. I am also aware that I am constantly saying that I am busy or tired, I have time I probably don't use well enough and I do get tired but it is not an excuse for behaviour or not doing something, I am getting to the point now where if I say I am tired, I feel like I have just swore or something, because the next thing that will come out of my mouth will be an excuse for that, or me saying I'm tired will be the excuse for something else.

I need to eat healthier and exercise more frequently, sorry, let me be honest, I need to start exercising, I have a lot on, but it is all manageable, and it is great to be alive in so much, I have spent so much of my life doing nothing, sat in front of a tv, drunk, every night, dreaming on what ifs. Now I don't mind having a beer and watching a bit of telly, but I do not want that to be my life and for so long it was. I am now busy in other things, which is not the thing that drives me, but I want to be able to do, and yet I have so many bad habits still, that seem to affect my moods and fatigue and these are mainly lifestyle choices that I need to get a grip on.

My lifestyle probably needs a bit of a health check and I could do with a break, which fortunately, this month, we all will have, it will be nice to recharge and a good oppurtunity when we come back to start behaving a bit healthier.