Wednesday, 14 November 2012

First Impressions

It just seems so easy to judge, it is something I do loads and something I don't want to do and something I certainly don't want done done to me.

Someone told me that if you type in 'why do Christians...' on Google, the predictive search will come up with 'judge.' I tried it, its not true. But Christians are extremely well known for doing something that Jesus was very specific about saying not to do. In fact the bit that worries me, is that Jesus said that I will be judged the same way that I judge.

So many situations, just coming into contact with people, judgements are made, first impressions, based on class, marital status, dress sense, sex, age, children, looks, voice, the list can go on and on and on. Where does an impression become a judgement? How do I approach people, with the attitude of a blank canvas? Should I? I have to be open to perceive, to try and understand, to notice maybe what is going on in someones life and yet not add my own bias.

Knowing people is key, relationship. Getting rid of internal bias is so important and yet so difficult.

Don't let your mind go there, stop before the judgement begins.

I have loads to say on judging, something that plagues me and something I'm battling through.

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